Monday, February 2, 2009

the other day i was called to pick up passengers of two families from jurong bird park and what i saw was a good reason enough to share. jurong bird park had undergone few face-lifts since i last visited with my family many years back. and this cosmetic surgery doesn't aim at only beautifying the whole place but also about how much they have facilitated it with the convenience for all guests.

they have now a pick-up/drop-off point for guests who come in coaches.

above: at the coach bay

below: sheltered walkway from coach bay to the jurong bird park entrance

a pond of ducks and geese extend a welcome greeting to all its guests arriving at the coach bay. i can't help it but anticipate more behind the entry gate.

coming home, i quickly access the internet browser and visited their website. i know i must make the time to visit when i saw their highlights -
  • underwater viewing of pelican feeding, pelican cove
  • lory loft flight aviary
  • walk-in aviary with man-made waterfall
  • panorail train to enter a station within a walk-in aviary
  • collection of south east asia birds including hornbills
  • humboldt penguins bred in captivity
  • bird show
and one of the attractions that i heard so much about is the suspension bridge in the lory loft aviary, for great bird's eye view and photo shoots.