Sunday, March 29, 2009

i have been called for few airport transfers for the whole of last week. flight departures were as early as 3am. it has been a tiring and fulfilling week with few quick naps in my nissan in between jobs. one of those few jobs was a last minute call after their failing attempts for a cab. luckily i had just finished my shower when i received their call, and was feeling fresh to go for this long hour drive.

i normally do the pick-up two hours before flight departure, and it was usually a one-way trip. in my last airport job, a group of factory personnels booked my transport service to see their friend off. i was requested to come back to the airport after two whole hours to pick up my customers for a return trip back to their homes.

it was already midnight when i headed for home after the last drop. it was a good drive and the cool breeze was still fresh in my mind. i enjoyed the pleasant night cruising with perfect temperature before calling it a day (or should i say 'night'...or 'morning'...whatever). it helped me to relax my mind.

before i started to ferry passengers to and from airport, i took the initiative and surfed airport site for information pertaining to its facilities, terminals, pick-up/drop-off points and so on. but the changi airport site was overloaded with more information than i needed, letting me know that the place is more than just a transit point with flights and people. it also revealed all the relaxing surprises. my favourite happens to be the nature trail with all the tropical garden layouts -

  • butterfly garden at terminal 3, level 2 transit mall
  • bamboo garden at terminal 1, level 2 transit mall
  • cactus garden at terminal 1, level 3 transit mall
  • fern garden with koi pond at terminal 1, level 3 transit mall
  • orchid garden with koi pond at terminal 2, level 2 transit mall
  • sun flower garden at terminal 2, level 3 transit mall
unfortunately, not all airport visitors can enjoy the tranquility of these gardens as they are situated in the transit mall itself. i think it is not a good idea for such facilities to be restricted and under utilized.

and for those who love to get wet, can give it a try and pamper themselves at the balinese-themed swimming pool and jacuzzi at terminal 1 transit mall east near transit hotel.

all we need is to google.

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