Thursday, January 8, 2009

travelling to the east

i used to hear whining from our locals about the limited interesting places here in singapore. but when asked about their visit to this or that place, some would fumble and hesitate to admit their ignorance, while others would bluntly admitted that they 'never heard of the place' or 'not sure where it is'. thus, i assume it's our own different interests that made certain places unpopular. and if we gave such places the chance, we will allow ourselves to see the bigger picture of our small island.

but our friends from the east have so much to brag about. pasir ris alone has lots to offer for fun or relaxing family recreations. we can find beach, resorts, chalets, camp-sites, eateries and nightlife sites. i believe downtown east , chalet and wild wild wet are already famous among us. but only few may know about the mangrove boardwalk built in pasir ris beach park, bringing nature lovers closer to its inhabitants. for those who love to preserve nature through camera lens, don't forget to bring along the tripod, because the whole place serves a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful outdoor family photo. other attractions in the park include beach, bicycle and skate rides, kayaking, children playground, pony rides and the rest is up to our own creativity.

we can find out more about pasir ris park and its map HERE

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