Monday, January 26, 2009

pasir ris park

we went, had fun on the beach, enjoyed the sea breeze, pat the horses, had a joyful bicycle ride...pasir ris is the real place for family bonding.

but first, let's find a place to park your vehicle...if you wish to visit the gallop cafe & bar, you can drive and have your vehicle parked at car park c. it is also few minutes walk to the mangrove boardwalk. and if you walk straight up you can enthrall yourself with the harmony and serenity that the coconut trees have created along the sandy beach. but if you wish to go straight to the beach or playground for a picnic, i would advise that you get a parking spot at car park d or e.

and talking about picnic, do not bring any light disposable cutlery because the wind can really blow them away easily. but if you have to, please remember to hold on to them. and i do encourage you to bring along some warm jackets for your younglings because the place is windy and quite cold.
my two wonderful visits to the park were equally enjoyable and i'm glad that my family shares the same view.

one thing that i really love about the whole place is its difference from the other beaches here in singapore. despite the sunny afternoon, every area in the park stays cool with the help of the never-ending blowing wind and the canopy of shady trees. and even the sea water could make you shiver under the afternoon sun. if the other beaches make you all sweaty, pasir ris park will make you wish you had a jacket with you.

and turning to the playground, i suddenly wish my children have not outgrown the rides. it really looked fun with all the children and their parents laughing and playing. i saw few families having a picnic within the area watching their kids running around trying on the rides. but one thing that that can make the fun place more complete is a children paddling pool.

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